What makes a CrossFit "box" different to a regular gym?


Ever have that feeling like your stood in the gym and everyone's getting on with something and you're just stood there like "ahhhhhhhh I don't know what I'm doing" or maybe you're waiting 30 minutes for a bar and a squat rack? Well we don't. At CrossFit Hexis you book onto a WOD (small group coached session) where one of the instructors will take you through a workout, assure you're doing everything correctly and getting the most out of what you're doing.  There will also never be any waiting around for equipment. You're basically getting group personal training for a lot less money. Then when you're more confident and want to spend time practicing on your own and maybe just want the odd bit of input from a coach, you can come to an open gym session. Giving you the freedom to come and do your own thing, or join in with a coached session.


Know you no who we are, what we do, what CrossFit is and how we differ. What's next?


Have a look through the rest of our website, contact us for more info or pop down to the box to have a chat with one of the instructors about whatever's on your mind.














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