CrossFit Hexis is a strength and conditioning facility

CrossFit Hexis is ran by owners: Paul Mellors and Oliver Sobczynski.


The facility was established in May 2015. Combining the previous experience of both Oli and Paul, the box aims to use a variety of exercises and workouts to help improve health and fitness.


So now that you know who we are and what we do. You're probably asking what CrossFit is?


CrossFit define their program as "constantly varied functional movement performed under high intensity". WOW, mouthful huh. It's a lot more simple than it sounds, we exercise using movements that will help to improve your wellbeing in everyday life and to also get you that kick ass body you've always wanted.

Meet the Coaches

Paul has been competing at CrossFit since 2013, placing in the top 5% in Europe in the 2015 CrossFit open. Paul has a foundation degree in sport and exercise science and has produced a dissertation thesis on the application of CrossFit for improving rowing performance. Along with this, Paul is a fully qualified Olympic weightlifting coach, a CrossFit level 1 trainer and a fully qualified personal trainer. In between coaching sessions and personal training, you will usually find him on the Olympic platforms working out!





Oli has worked in the fitness industry for 6 years. He's a qualified CrossFit trainer, personal trainer and high level nutritionist. With a massive love for CrossFit, especially the Olympic lifting side. You'll always find him in the box and if he's not teaching a class or training a client he'll most likely be drinking a coffee, chilling with the members or hitting some weights himself.

















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